Elim Hlanganani Society For The Care Of The Aged was established in February 1993 after needs assessment that the elderly needed care . The elderly in our area used to be admitted at the Elim Hospital in the ward called Shangaan . They were then supposed to be taken back to the community seeing that sicknesses are increasing and the beds were to be used for the sick because they were not sick but frail .

At the same time group of older persons used to attend a geriatric clinic fortnightly , on hearing the news that the elderly are to be taken back to the community , they decided that an organisation for the elderly be established . It came to their attention that they needed care as they are going back to the community , but what kind of care ? Home Care and Home Nursing .

A committee was elected , funds asked from individual professionals . At this point there were no offices ie one house was used as an office another as a conference room where meetings were held .
They had to pop out money from their pockets to buy stationery and for transport .

On establishment it had 43 subscribed members . In order to be a member individuals had to pay subscription fee . A group of older persons was trained in order to give care to other older persons as in the proposition that : “ The more well and more able older persons should give care to the less well and less able older persons in order to live a better life .”

It operates in 22 communities called zones . At the end of December 2013 , we had 829 subscribed members .

It was during 2002 that it was requested by the department of Health and Social Development to include into its programmes an HIV / AIDS Programme . We did comply , the programme was indeed funded but the funding does not suffice what is supposed to be done , ie rendering services . That is why we have to fundraise , we do at times stay for a longer period without getting any funds . A group of care givers was trained especially for this programme and fielded .
Again the same department in 2005 requested that we establish a Drop – In- Centre by the Department . A group of care givers was also trained for this programme . All in all it trained 86 care givers for the three programmes , it is unfortunate that some left , some passed away and some are unable to continue due to ill health and are now being cared for by other care givers .

Through the help of our “Think - Tank “ Members , funds were asked from the Ford Foundation in order to cater the needs of the youth around the areas of our operation . We were funded and the programme is functional . A total number of 1611 youth have completed a course in Computer Literacy , Livelihood Skills and Financial Management . Certificates were granted .